Founded in 2005 Mastergroove Studios is an independent media management company. From the very beginning, our goal was to provide comprehensive, highest quality services. We develop projects in the field of technical assistance for Cable/Satellite Operators, TV Channel Broadcasters, IPTV/VOD platforms and film distributors. We excel in versioning and localization, sound mixing, editing and postproduction that go hand in hand with the personalized customer care and a professional approach to our clients’ needs.

Maciej Komorowski


Kuba Jamrożek


Our mission is to provide comprehensive services - the raw 

materials received on tape or file will be transocoded to
desired format and delivered to you in no time.

We have two recording studios, both built with
the latest recording equipment.
Our facilities are comprised of a subtitling workshop,
editing rooms and transcoding stations.

We are equipped with most reliable
technology - sets of Pro Tools, Brauner
and Oktava Microphones, Focusrite preamps,
auxiliary software and the excellent Adam Audio
monitoring system

No matter where You are
based, in our studio
we’ll take care of

  • Digitization of materials from tapes and/or files
  • Audio and Video Editing, including Graphics and Subtitles
  • Preparation of broadcast materials
  • Ingest
  • Storing and archiving
  • Preparation of metadata in ADI XML format, or any format that matches your needs
  • Trailers and other forms of on-screen promotion production
  • Management of content
  • Transcoding, distribution and publication of A/V files for IPTV / VOD platforms
Sound Postproduction
TV Spots Production

ITI Neovision Sp. z o.o.
Versioning & Localization, Postproduction for VOD platforms , nShow 3D and nFilm HD

Platforma NC +
Subtitling, Captioning and Audio Description

Telewizja Polsat S.A.
Versioning & Localization  for Feature Films and Television Programming for Polsat Play and Polsat Café channels

Telewizja Polska S.A.
Versioning & Localization for Documentary Films, Voice Over & Dubbing, A/V Postproduction

Fox International Channels Poland Sp. z o.o.
Encoding of the Broadcast Materials, Digitization of Content and Quality Control for FOX HD and Foxlife HD

Constantin Entertainment Sp. z o.o.
Sound Postproduction for TV series "Malanowski i Partnerzy"

Best Film Sp. z o.o.
Feature Films Versioning & Localization

P4 Sp. z o.o.
TV Commercials Postproduction

Fremantle Polska Sp. z o.o.
Sound Editing and Postproduction

BBDO Sp. z o.o.
Sound Mixing, Editing and Postproduction for TV and Radio Commercials

Work - room Sp. z o.o.
TV and Radio Commercials Production and Postproduction; 2D & 3D Animation; Sound Effects

Dot360 Sp. z o.o.
TV and Radio Commercials Production and Postproduction; 2D & 3D Animation; Sound Effects

STGR Sp. z o.o.
TV and Radio Commercials Production and Postproduction; 2D & 3D Animation; Sound Effects

Kartunz S.C.
Dubbing for Animated Films

  • “Technical Facilities
    of the Highest Quality”
    Anita Ryczyńska Head of Production TVP
  • “Fearless” Stanisław Janowski Director Polsat Media
  • “Innovators” Dominik Skorupski Operations Manager Fox International Channels
  • “Team of Experts” Marcin Kowalski Managing Director Filmbox
  • “Professional
    Customer Care”
    Małgorzata Hubert Head of Video Services Onet
  • “Creative” Artur Karczykowski CEO The Digitals
  • “Volcanoes
    of Ideas”
    Marek Żołędziowski CEO Group One
  • “Masters
    of Sound”
    Jan Kępiński CEO Jake Vision
  • “Top Quality
    Piotr Osuch Head of Polish Version NC+
  • “Ambitious” Justyna Troszczyńska CEO Media4Fun
  • “Efficient” Radosław Bielecki Head of Production Film Factory
  • “Competent” Paulina Westerby Marketing and Development Manager Chicco
  • “Trustworthy
    and Reliable”
    Aleksandra Madeksza Marketing Manager Porsche

Mastergroove Studios welcomes any challenges. We approach each project individually and with the utmost attention to
the final product. We are very flexible in terms of working hours, because customer satisfaction is our priority.
In special circumstances, our company staff is available 24/7.

Sound and Video
Media Management

Mastergroove Studios is equipped with the latest, most reliable technology. We offer our clients comprehensive services in the field of video and audio postproduction and delivery of broadcasting materials.

For years Mastergroove Studios has been a leader in the localization and versioning of films and television programming. We specialize in captioning and subtitling (including subtitles for the hearing impaired), voice-over, dubbing and audio description.

Our biggest assets are: solid experience , thorough knowledge of the market, working with leading Polish lectors , translators, production consultants and a professional team of sound engineers , editors and graphic designers.

Our idea was to create a postproduction house which would be easily accessible during every stage of the project development. Mastergroove Studios is equipped with Final Cut Studio and Avid software as well as Kona 3 video cards, which support SD, HD 4:4:4, 2K and 4K. We maintain a variety of broadcast recorders, such as Sony Digital Betacam DVW - M2000P, Sony IMX MSW- M2000P / 1 and HDCAM Sony HDW -F500.

Our offer includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Digitization of content and rigorous quality control
  • Storing and Archiving materials
  • Transcoding , Distribution and Publication of files A/V for IPTV and VOD
  • Preparation of metadata in XML format ADI or any format indicated by the client
  • Postproduction Services
  • Sourcing and Ingest

We do not have any vacancies at the moment.
We are however always on the lookout for people
with exceptional talent. So, if you are a gifted editor,
sound producer or a technician experienced
within a digital media sector

We’ll keep your CV and get back
to you as soon as we have any suitable openings.

Send your CV
with a Cover Letter to

MASTERGROOVE STUDIOS Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa


Zielona 37c
02-913 Warsaw

mob. +48 600 519 268
skype: mastergroove.studios
NIP: 951-23-23-521
REGON: 142601086
KRS: 0000437617

If you would like more information about any
of our services or have any questions, please click here.